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49 episodes of Emotional Compass since the first episode, which aired on February 1st, 2020.

  • Episode 37: Dealing with emotions under pressure

    November 9th, 2020  |  28 mins 42 secs
  • Episode 36: Healing power of nature

    November 2nd, 2020  |  36 mins 31 secs
    hiking, nature

    Bodhi talks about his travels through Arizona, Utah, and Colorado, while sharing some insights and epiphanies as he reconnected with nature.

  • Episode 35: Exploring the Enneagram Personality Types

    October 19th, 2020  |  17 mins 8 secs

    In the previous episode we talked about the creator of the Enneagram. In this episode we explore the Enneagram personality types and how they relate to your everyday life and can further your personal development. To dive deeper into the personality types checkout The Wisdom Of The Enneagram.

  • Episode 34: The Life and Times of the Creator of the Enneagram - Claudio Naranjo

    October 13th, 2020  |  23 mins 34 secs
    claudio naranjo, enneagram, the revolution we expected

    Claudio Naranjo was a remarkable individual whose major contribution to our society was the Enneagram. In discovering his background we came upon his last book The Revolution We Expected, which talks about the state of our modern society and how we can change things for a better future.

  • Episode 33: Experience: The Mountain Is You - Transforming Self-Sabotage Into Self-Mastery

    October 6th, 2020  |  28 mins 15 secs
    brianna wiest, the mountain is you

    We explore the book called The Mountain Is You by Brianna Wiest where the author talks about how to transform self-sabotage into self-mastery. The book has insights, anecdotes, and wisdom on how to identify self-defeating patterns and overcome them to live a life where you can leave a legacy behind.

  • Episode 32: Experience: Way of the Superior Man

    September 29th, 2020  |  37 mins 38 secs
    david deida, way of the superior man

    The author David Deida, talks about the masculine and feminine energies and how they come together to form the yin and yang of a relationship. Not to be mistaken with the male and female bodies. In his book, Way of the Superior Man, the author proposes that either gender can embody the masculine or feminine energies. When a couple understands their dominant energy they can then bring about harmony in their relationship.

  • Episode 31: An interview with Kayleigh Oser on navigating emotions during challenging times

    September 21st, 2020  |  30 mins 11 secs
    kayleigh oser, what i love about you

    Kayleigh Oser is an award-wining podcaster, her podcast is called What I Love About You. Besides being a podcaster, she's a mother of four, a daughter of a minister, and her husband is also a minister to the youth. She shares about growing up as a preacher's kid, navigating life as a busy mom, and dealing with life during a pandemic.

  • Episode 30: Experience: Emotional Agility

    September 10th, 2020  |  29 mins 6 secs
    emotional agility, susan david

    One of the keys to a happy life is knowing yourself. In Emotional Agility, Susan David leverages ACT therapy to help us navigate our feelings by giving us the tools we need to avoid the emotional ruts that keep us from reaching our potential.

  • Episode 29: Experience: The Confidence Gap

    August 31st, 2020  |  23 mins 11 secs
    act therapy, confidence gap, russ harris, steven hayes

    We had a chance to experience the book The Confidence Gap written by Russ Harris based on the work of Steven Hayes who created the ACT therapy. The book is a workbook that takes your through journey of shedding your fears, building your confidence, destroying myths about self-esteem and finally taking a mindfulness approach to your life.

  • Episode 28: Remote viewing, seeing with a blindfold and so much more about our abilities

    August 28th, 2020  |  23 mins 17 secs
    documentary, review, superhuman

    We review the documentary called Superhuman where they demonstrate the extraordinary capabilities of our mind.

  • Episode 27: The Neuroscience of Emotions and Behavior

    August 17th, 2020  |  41 mins 46 secs
    andrew huberman, neuroscience

    Discussing the findings of Dr. Andrew Huberman, a neuroscientist and tenured professor in the Department of Neurobiology at the Stanford University School of Medicine. He has made numerous important contributions to the fields of brain development, brain plasticity, and neural regeneration and repair.

  • Episode 26: Traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic

    August 10th, 2020  |  28 mins 11 secs
    air travel, coronavirus, covid-19, pandemic

    Bodhi recounts his air travel experience and how anxious he was prior and during the flight. Eventually, facing his fear of traveling during a pandemic resulted in an amazing trip and made him realize that it is not as scary as he thought it was going to be.